Grantees Platform

Documents for Grantees

Operation Guidelines

Guideline for Acknowledgment of Funding Support in Publicity Materials (Revised in 07/2016) pdf
Notes for Auditors of Grantees (English version only) (Revised in 01/2017)
Guidelines on Disposal of Capital Items (04/2010) pdf

Progress Report

Half-yearly / Annual Performance Report Template (Revised in 01/2017) doc

Payment of Grants

Authority for Payment to a Bank (GF179A) (Revised in 01/2017) pdf
Sample Authority for Payment to a Bank

and Sample letter (Revised in 10/2013)
Application for Capital Expenditure Reimbursement (Revised in 04/2013)
Sample Application for Capital Expenditure Reimbursement (Chinese version only) pdf
Application for Reimbursement of Auditors’ Remuneration (Revised in 01/2017)


Corruption Prevention Best Practices

The Corruption Prevention Department of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has developed a set of Best Practice Modules on how to plug corruption loopholes. Appended below the more relevant ones to the Programme grantees. If you would like to know more about corruption prevention guides and practices, you can visit the ICAC website.

Strengthening Integrity and Accountability – Grantee’s Guidebook pdf
Internal Control in Social Enterprises pdf
Guidelines on Disbursement of Grants by Public Funded Organizations (English version only) pdf
Letting and Administration of Works Contracts in Non-Governmental Organisations pdf
Payment Procedures pdf
Subvented Non-Governmental Organisations – Procurement Procedures pdf
Retail Incentive Programmes pdf
Sales Receipts Administration pdf
Sample Code of Conduct for Non-Governmental Organisations pdf
Stores Management in Non-Governmental Organisations pdf
Subvented Non-Governmental Organisations – Staff Administration pdf


SE Mentorship Programme

The Home Affairs Department (HAD) can help arrange business advisory services for SEs. The SE Mentorship Programme will help to assign mentors, who are volunteers from the business or professional sectors, to mentees (i.e. SEs) according to their needs. The mentors will provide guidance and advice to mentees on how to deal with the problems and difficulties arising from running an SE.

Anyone interested in the mentorship service may contact the Social Enterprises Promotion Unit of the HAD:

Tel. No.: 2835 2461