Impressive Nail (I-Nail)

Impressive Nail

Impressive Nail (I-Nail) is a nail salon set up by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Center. It provides professional manicure services to ladies. Apart from services at ist shop at Kwai Fong, on-site nail styling services in club houses and private estates nearby are also available upon request.

I-Nail provides pre-employment training and job opportunities for the disadvantaged women, new arrivals and the middle-aged. In other words, it serves as a transitional practical platform for those trained nail therapists to join the industry. Through practicing in a real workplace, they can strengthen their skills and accumulate experience, which enhance their employability in the open market.

Contact Information
Address:Shop 17 L3 Kwai Chung Plaza 7-11 Kwai Foo Road Kwai Chung New Territories
Tel: 3709 2798
Fax: 2425 5803