Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee on the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme

Terms of Reference

The Advisory Committee is established to –

  1. examine and recommend funding applications for social enterprises projects;
  2. monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of funded projects; and
  3. advise the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs on all matters related to the administration of the Programme.

(Term of Office until 30 June 2020)

Mr WONG Kwong-yiu, Ricky

Ms AU Pui-yee, Teresa
Dr CHU Ching-wah, Teresa
Mr FONG Kai-leung
Mr FU Chin-shing, Ivan, JP
Dr KAN Chung-kan, Clara
Dr LAU Kin-wah, Kevin, JP
Mr LAU Kong-shing
Mr LEUNG Yuk-wai, Kenneth
Mr LUK Hua, Warren
Mr PANG Woon-kei, Antony
Mr Kassian POLIN
Mr SIU Chun-yat, Jacky
Ms TSE Yik-chu, Wendy
Ms Diana WONG
Mr WONG Kit-lung, Simon, JP
Mr WONG Siu-lung, Edward
Mr YEUNG Chee-tat, Stanley, JP
Ms YEUNG Kin-ha, Yvonne
Ms YEUNG Mei-chun, Jeny
Ms YIP Chun-chun, Ada
Mr YU Wai-wai, JP
Representative from the Home Affairs Bureau
Representative from the Home Affairs Department
Representative from the Labour Department
Representative from the Social Welfare Department